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September 15, 2019

The Advantages of Offering Supplemental Health Insurance for School District Employees

supplemental health insurance for school employees

While numerous school districts have seen increases in revenue over the past few years,1 allowing them to spend more money on benefits packages than before, school district staff may still struggle to make ends meet.2 So what’s the problem?


If you’ve ever looked closely at the health benefits provided by your employer, you may find there are medical expenses you must pay for out of pocket. These expenses are called gaps in coverage, and can cause families additional financial stress, especially in the case of major injury or illness.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Supplemental health insurance removes the guesswork from health coverage plans, allowing individuals and families to navigate life’s unexpected turns while removing the burdens of mounting health costs—adding an extra layer of protection to cover what traditional or basic health plans do not.


As the cost of medical care skyrockets, employers must face the reality that their existing health coverage options may no longer be sufficient in meeting the needs of today’s employees. With limited coverage options, top-talent and top-performing personnel start to look for new opportunities.

However, incorporating a supplemental health insurance plan as part of your employee benefits package can help give employers added leverage in a competitive job market, making it easier to recruit and retain top talent in your industry.3


While adding a supplemental health insurance plan to your employee benefits arsenal is entirely up to you, some things just go better together. And what better way to show your employees that you care than by incorporating non-traditional benefits like supplemental health insurance into their package.

Though treated as a luxury, a growing number of organizations have incorporated non-traditional benefits into their employee benefits package as a way of showing their employees that they care— which, according to a Randstad USA survey, was cited as a main factor for employee turnover.4


While incorporating supplemental health insurance and other non-traditional benefits into your business is sure to improve employee retention and satisfaction rates, the question then becomes a matter of feasibility. How many moving pieces are there? How does the district need to manage supplemental health insurance benefits for its employees in order to be successful? Is such a thing even possible?

Thankfully, the process is simple. Once the school district employee has decided whether to opt-in to the supplemental health insurance policy offered by their employer, all that employee needs to do is pay into their plan. The payments are then managed through payroll.


In closing, with medical costs on the rise and benefits covering less than they did before,5 businesses need to help protect themselves and their employees from life’s most turbulent events. One way to accomplish this is by offering potential and current employees the added benefit of enrolling in supplemental health insurance.6

Through the incorporation of a supplemental health insurance policy, school district employees and their families can rest assured knowing they’re covered even in life’s most unexpected moments. Additionally, in providing and maintaining the added benefits of a supplemental life insurance policy, districts can create leverage in an increasingly competitive job market.7

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