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May 15, 2020

The Importance of Providing Additional Benefits to Critical Civil Service Employees

voluntary benefits for civil service employees

Lately, the importance of the individuals working in critical areas of civil service has become pointedly underscored. As our governmental infrastructure at varying levels of federal, state, and local government have been tested, it’s been further apparent that those in critical areas essential to the continuation of our livelihood should be appropriately compensated for their service to our communities.

For this reason and so many more, it’s important to provide additional benefits to those in critical civil service areas. We will explore the reasons for increased and diverse compensation packages in this article.

Reason #1: Attract Quality Talent

While the types of jobs that fall under the umbrella of “civil service” are varied, the challenges those in the public sector face when it comes to hiring are similar to those in the private sector. Namely, how to attract top talent.

Direct compensation such as salary are often approached in a very regimented way with much transparency – pay rates are often bracketed by specific job title and position.1 To attract top talent away from private companies, especially in competitive areas critical to infrastructure, it’s important to add additional benefits to accompany payroll. Adding additional benefits, such as different types of insurance products, can make a job offer more attractive and help win a candidate for a specific position over a similar one in the private sector.

Reason #2: Retain Critical Employees

Attracting new talent in a challenge on its own, which it’s vital that those in the public sector retain the top talent in their resource pool, especially those working in essential areas. Retention becomes easier when there is proper remuneration from the outset, and with additional benefits added to compensation packages, it makes it easier to keep employees content in their positions.

Reason #3: Encourage a New Generation

While it’s been a tough time economically, jobs are slowly becoming more abundant and the employee marketplace is flush with eager employees looking for lasting positions. This friction can lead to a lower pool of qualified applicants who take the time to apply for open roles. By making the position as compelling as possible by adding additional benefits to the total compensation packages, employers can potentially attract (and retain) more qualified individuals for critical roles.

Critical civil service employees are a vital part of our public infrastructure, and without filling these open roles and keeping qualified candidates employed in these positions, we all face the potential for hardship. Consider creating compelling employment opportunities within civil service by adding additional benefits to the total compensation package.

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